Scent of Samadhi Siddha Bliss - 2 Jars

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Siddhi Bliss Scent has a deep meditative aroma. Enhanced by our sweat and hormones this new Ayurvedic deodorant is longer lasting and has refined texture for ease of application. Appreciated by both women & men!

Scent of Samadhi Scent and Incense are made with 100% pure and natural ingredients. There are no colors, chemicals or animal products. Bonus Enamel Om Pendant.

  • New Siddha Bliss (a Delicate Fantastic Scent)
  • Burn it or wear it to experience a state of peace, harmony and bliss!
  • All natural, ayurvedic herbal fragrance of the yogis of South India
  • New formula of sandalwood, rose, tulsi and more
  • Each jar is a 3 month supply - works for Men and Women

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