Scent of Samadhi New Formula Siddha Bliss Plus Mandala Magnet

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Siddha Bliss Scent has a deep meditative aroma. Enhanced by our sweat and hormones this new Ayurvedic deodorant is longer lasting and has refined texture for ease of application. Working along with the body’s natural aroma it creates a fragrance of inspiration, bliss, optimism and calm and adapts to your own body chemistry. Specially unique to YOU!

Scent of Samadhi new Siddhi Bliss Scent is made with 100% pure and natural ingredients. There are no colors, chemicals or animal products. Appreciated by both women & men!

  • 2 Items: New Siddhi Bliss (a Delicate Fantastic Scent) plus Mandala Fridge Magnet
  • Wear it to experience a state of peace, harmony and bliss!
  • All natural, ayurvedic herbal fragrance of the yogis of South India
  • New formula of sandalwood, rose, tulsi and more
  • Each jar is a 3 month supply - works for Men and Women

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