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Explore our unique 'Prajna Paramitas Malas', our gorgeous 'Genesis Imports' Sarongs wraps and our warm, hand knitted 'Himalayan Sherpa Hats.'

Prajna Paramita Malas

Prajna paramita (the perfection of wisdom) is a result of contemplation, meditation, and understanding the nature of reality. These malas are made with the intention of prajna paramita right here in the usa.

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Aum Rudraksha Design Malas

Inspired by hindu spirituality, guided by Papaji and created by soma temple, living in bali for more than 25 years, “aum rudraksha designs” was born in 2003.

Dedicated to living in awareness and truth, wanting peace and freedom for all beings in this lifetime, the Rudraksha bead, derived from the Eleocarpus tree, is the heart of our creations bringing to the world of today the wisdom and power of the ancient sages in the form of contemporary Malas.

Adorned with semi precious stones combined with silver and gold each piece is handcrafted, blessed and designed in Bingin, Bali.

Let us share the healing energy of these rare and sacred beads. May they help you to abide in and act from the ONE true Heart of pure consciousness.

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Genesis Imports

Lovingly made in bali, our Genesis Imports sarong wraps come in multiple colors and gorgeous prints.

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Himalayan Sherpa Hats

Hand knitted in Nepal by a Fair Trade Company, our Himalayan Sherpa Hats come in a great variety of colors and designs. They are warm and lined with fleece – they do not itch!

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