Yoga Music

A wide selection of Meditation & Yoga Music to enhance you practice and your daily life.

Kirtan & Chanting

The call-and-response practice of kirtan has grown exponentially out of the Bhakti Yoga movement. The artists in this genre hail from many traditions, from Kundalini to Krishna, and address various deities, e.g., Krishna, Hanuman, Radhe, Nataraj and Shiva, with each chant offered in an original, stylized interpretation by its singer.

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Instrumental Music

Instrumental Music designed for healing and relaxation or gentle yoga. These releases feature flute, keyboards, cello, piano along with bowls and bells to create a seamless calming spa-like atmosphere.

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Savasana Music

Music created for the relaxation period at the end of a Yoga Class called Savasana. The music in this category is also good for massage and deep healing or sleep. Soft chanting, deep tones of gongs and bells or slow guitars and sitars will take you into a deep state of relaxation.

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Yoga Chill Music

Music for Yoga Classes featuring a steady heart beat to keep your energy moving. Sometimes more electronic and lounge and sometimes more acoustic featuring Indian instrumentation and soft chanting.

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Yoga Beat Music

Yoga Music designed to move the body and dance. Featuring organic rhythms that can also be used for ecstatic dance or Ashtanga and Power Yoga classes.

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“Your happy songs bring to me the scent of Heaven. Please keep singing!” –Rumi