Prajna Paramita Malas

Prajna Paramita (the Perfection of Wisdom) is a result of contemplation, meditation, and understanding the nature of reality. These malas are made with the intention of Prajna Paramita right here in the USA.

Design Malas

Beaded with Love and Mantras our Prajna Parmita Design Mala Bead Necklaces come in a Great Variety of Design and Intentions.

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Plain Malas

Our Prajna Paramita Plain Mala Bead Necklaces are lovingly hand-knotted while chanting Mantras to enhance the stone healing energies.

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“The goal of our life’s effort is to reach the other shore, Nirvana. Prajna paramita, the true wisdom of life, is that in each step of the way, the other shore is actually reached.” —Shunryu Suzuki