Avalokiteshvara Thangka Altar Card

Avalokiteshvara (Chenrezig) - The Buddha of Great Compassion Thangka Altar Card is a 5" x 7" Laminated Buddhist Deity Card to be used as a meditation tool of sacred ar

Avalokiteshvara ('One who hears the cries of the world') is the embodiment of infinite compassion. Long ago he vowed not to return to nirvana until all living beings had been liberated from suffering. To accomplish this, Avalokiteshvara travels to all realms of the universe offering his compassionate blessings to all beings. In his four-armed form, sitting in the full lotus posture, he represents the four immeasurable qualities of a bodhisattva: love, compassion, joy, and equanimity. Avalokiteshvara holds a lotus flower in his left hand, symbolizing the stainless wisdom that has realized the true nature of reality. Avalokiteshvara reminds us that awakening is not an escape or retreat from personal problems, but rather reaching outward and embracing the entire world with the love and compassion of our heart.

Each Thangka Altar Card in this collection is an exquisite lithographic reproduction of an original hand-painted thangka. These sacred art images are perfect for your altar, desk, or wall. They bring beauty, inspiration, and positive energy to every environment! Each Altar Card is preserved in thick, optical-quality lamination for long life. Actual size is 5" x 7". The back of each card offers the name of the deity, an excellent description, and the mantra of the deity.

We would like you to know that your purchase greatly assists Naljor Prison Dharma Service in bringing the "seeds of liberation" to those behind prison walls. Through this service we provide precious dharma teachings and an excellent resource directory, free of charge, to prison outreach organizations who then supply these materials to men and women in prison throughout the United States.

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Type: Altar Card

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