Sacred Chants of the Sikhs

By Craig Pruess and Dya Singh

Sacred Chants of the Sikhs by Craig Pruess with male vocalist and Sikh priest, Dya Singh offers ancient, sacred Gurmukhi mantras for meditation and as yoga music.

Sacred Chants of the Sikhs is the epitome of Sikh meditations: Naam Simran. 'Naam' means invoking th name of the "Nameless One" or drawing on the divine feelings of the "Source of All Reality' which is beyoned the limitations of the mind, thereby reaching a state of bliss and equipoise.

Sacred Chants of the Sikhs is best heard with eyes closed, relaxed, inward, comfortable (not during driving or similar).

Carrying on in the tradition of the well-known, well-crafted and and highly successful Sacred Chants of… series of CDs, Sacred Chants of the Sikhs features the resonant and devotional voice of Sikh priest, Dya Singh. Framed within the ethereal and penetrating production of Craig Pruess' unique sound (he is label owner and world musician, arranger and producer behind this series of CDs), this selection of chants is from the ancient Sikh tradition, and includes "Mahan Mantra", "Waheguru", "Anand" and "Tu Thakur." The arrangements are very spacious and feature the masterful Indian flute (bansuri) playing of international maestro, Pt Ronu Majumdar.

Light a candle, sit and close the eyes: Sacred Chants of the Sikhs is another musical journey that takes you deep inside, to the still point in your mind.

Artist Information:
Dya Singh, singer, is a master interpreter of the traditional Sikh hymns and a renowned Sikh spiritual minstrel. in 2009 the Dalai Lama said at the closing ceremony of the Parliament of Worlds Religions in Melbourne: “Dya Singh is the true messenger of the universal message of Amritsar – the holy city of the Sikhs – and its Golden Temple. He and his group remind me of the Golden Temple – not as a holy shrine of the Sikhs alone, but a holy shrine of all people.”

Based in Australia, Dya is acknowledged as the most significant singer/musician in the world today of the Sikh mystical musical tradition, a form that originated in Punjab (now north India/Pakistan) but spread throughout the western world with the recent diaspora of Sikhs worldwide. Originally from Malaysia, his father was a renowned Sikh spiritual minstrel and Dya learned the Sikh songs and the art of singing beside his father in the Sikh ‘Gurudwaras’ from the age of five onwards.

Dya Singh has released over 22 CDs and his concerts are an inspirational experience. He tours extensively around the world yearly including appearances at WOMAD Festivals and world music festivals in Singapore, Vancouver, Australia, UK & California.

Craig Pruess - all instruments (except bansuri), production, arrangements, sound engineering and mastering

Heaven on Earth Music was founded in 1977 in the UK by musician, film composer, producer Craig Pruess as an outlet for his special brand of atunement music. 25 CDs later,the label has remained a pioneer in the field of world music, meditation and yoga music. Leaders in the human development movement like Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Ekhart Tolle, Sri Bhagavathi Bhagwan, Anthony Robbins & Brandon Bays have all used Craig’s music in their work.

Craig Pruess has performed on stage for many luminaries such as Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Mata Amritanandamayi, Dadi Janki, the Dalai Lama and UK, Omani and African royalty. His filmscore music credits include two number one UK box office hits, “Bend It Like Beckham” and “Bride and Prejudice”, art films like Zarina Bhimji’s “Yellow Patch” and “Out of Blue”, plus the Aishwarya Rai film, “The Mistress of Spices”. Craig was nominated for a British Academy Award in 2010 for best original music score for the BBT-TV prime time series, “Moses Jones”, which started his African band project, the Ganda Boys. Over the years he has produced many gold and platinum albums for international stars, including Sir Cliff Richard.

Craig has been an Art of Living teacher since 1995 and was instrumental in bringing the first PrisonSmart Art of Living courses into UK high security prisons in 2003, bringing joy, happiness and relief to inmates through breathing techniques and yoga. In 2013, Craig was appointed World Music Coordinator and Ambassador for Claes Nobel's World Peace One project for bringing world peace concerts across the globe with global broadcasts. Claes Nobel is the senior member of the Nobel Prize family and very dedicated to humanitarian work through music, concerts, celebration, education and the promotion of positive human values.

Pt Ronu Majumdar - masterful Indian flute (bansuri) playing of international maestro.

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Type: CD

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