Opening Wise Hearts Mala!

108 Prayer Beads Mala for Chanting and Meditation 8mm Beads


Malas have been used for centuries to count one's breath and/or prayers during meditation. When one absentmindedly touches the mala throughout the day, it is a reminder to come back to the breath, to be aware, to be here now. The mala dangles into eyesight, another awakening, another gentle nudge into mindfulness.

  • Azurite: Healing & 3rd Eye
  • Apatite: Clears confusion & apathy helps achieve goals
  • Bodhi Seed: Meditation
  • Lapis: Wisdom, Judgement
  • Aventurine: Love and Heart
  • Guru Bead composite with Safire, Lapis and Turquoise
  • Beautiful and Handmade!
  • Assists in meditation and yoga
  • Create a daily mantra practice with this 108 bead mala

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