Om Mandala Pendant with Faceted Healing Crystal Oval Drop - Sterling Silver


Finely Crafted Sterling Silver OM symbol Pendant with Luminescent Healing Crystal Oval Drop below.

The sacred OM symbol is a mantra, a sound, an incantation prayer to invoke absolute reality, the divine. Finely made Sterling Silver designs from India. 

Amethyst brings peace and calmness to the wearer.

Labradorite clears, protects and balances your aura.

  • Wear OM, the sign of oneness!
  • Finely Crafted Om Symbol in High Quality Sterling Silver
  • 1.5" high by 0.5" wide
  • Adorned with Healing Faceted Crystal Oval Drop

    Category: Pendants, Sacred Jewelry, Silver

    Type: Pendant

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