Mookaite Hand Knotted Mala - 108 Beads

108 Mookaite Prayer Beads, Hand Knotted Mala.

Mookaite stabilizes the immune system, heals wounds & purifies the blood.

These malas are handmade by Nepali women and mantras are chanted with each knot. 108 beads is the traditional number used for daily mantra practice. 8 mm beads made with very strong thread and the knotting makes the mala comfortable when worn around the neck and also allows for enough flexibility to wear comfortably as a wrist mala. Approximately 21" hanging length.Comes with a descriptive tag attached explaining the stone meaning and benefits.

  • Mookaite stabilizes immune system, heals wounds & purifies the blood
  • Beautiful Mookaite encourages versatility
  • Mantras are chanted with each knot
  • Knotted with stong thread and can be worn as wrist mala
  • Create a daily mantra practice with this 108 bead mala

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