Mantras, Beats & Meditations: Instrumental Mix

By MC Yogi

By request from his ever-expanding global tribe, MC Yogi brings us Mantras, Beats & Meditations: The Instrumental Remix. This album re-imagines every track of his iTunes #1 world music bestseller for a wordless sojourn into beat-driven peace and presence.

Created for yoga, meditation, or any time we need a chakra-centric sonic recharge, MC Yogi and the Sacred Sound Society of musicians includes DJ Drez, Jomial & Robin Livingston.

With hundreds of appearances annually, featured billing at music festivals worldwide, and teaching dates at some of the biggest yoga gatherings in America, MC Yogi is a major ambassador of yoga to mainstream audiences. MC Yogi and his wife Amanda Giacomini have performed and taught at the White House, Stanford University, the Smithsonian, and more.

MC Yogi's other genre-defying albums include Elephant Power and Pilgrimage with more than 100,000 sold.

Category: Meditation, Music, Yoga, Yoga Beat

Type: CD

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