Mantras, Beats & Meditations

By MC Yogi

Hang on to your yoga mat - MC Yogi's new album Mantras, Beats & Meditations has arrived! Here, the multi-talented master of storytelling and verse dives once again into the wisdom of the yoga tradition with a hip-hop edge for yoga music.

Combining conscious rhythms and spiritual philosophy with hip-hop, world music and electronic beats, MC Yogi creates the perfect mix to move and inspire an emerging new culture of yoga practioners and truth seekers. Mantras, Beats & Meditations features Jomial, Robin Livingston, DJ Drez, Sky-I, Benjy Wertheimer on sarod, Michael Fecskes on cello and the beautiful voice of Amanda G.

MC Yogi has been described as "a beat-happy Krishna-crazed love magnet with a hip-hop, zig-zag, indie-flick life story." A devoted yoga student and teacher, musician, writer and visual artist, he travels and performs internationally. His genre-defying, chart-topping albums include Elephant Power and Pilgrimage (over 100,000 sold).

If you've been searching for a soundtrack to fuel your practice, on or off the mat, Mantras, Beats & Meditation is it.

1.) Initiation -2:18
2.) Diamond Sutra -2:31
3.) A.U.M. -3:42
4.) Yoga Breakdance -4:07
5.) Ahimsa -3:12
6.) Q.U.E.S.T. -2:58
7.) Seven Wheels -5:06
8.) Ganesha and the Moon -2:26
9.) Truth Seeker -2:37
10.) Eight Limbs -4:41
11.) Prayer Flags -2:27
12.) Buddha -6:33
13.) Heart Sutra -4:37
14.) Prayer Wheel -3:53

Category: Meditation, Music, Yoga, Yoga Beat

Type: CD

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