Liquid Bells Singing Bowls

By Damien Rose

20 Tibetan singing bowls take you into a place of deep relaxation and meditation, moving into the gentle clarity of non-judgmental peace. Damien’s bowls are arranged uniquely, creating their own healing orchestral sound called Liquid Bells.

Certain forms of music, like beautiful fragrances, awaken associations in us that are primordial, eternal and ultimate. These timeless associations call us to the core of our spiritual being.

Liquid Bells is an hour long to allow yourself to effortlessly enter into the silence. To move into deep meditation let your mind follow the sounds. By simply being available to enjoy the experience, the sounds will move through you, helping to clear away lower frequencies and attuning you to the higher vibrations of the Infinite and your soul.


'Liquid Bells is a pure and sacred statement that leads us straight into the heart of the silence. Thank you, Damien, for creating this beautiful recording.' —Deva Premal and Miten

'Damien offers sublime sound healing through his mastery of Tibetan Bowls.' - Shiva Rea

'Damien masterfully channels the universe with Liquid Bells. I’m honored that he joined me on my guided meditation CD.' - davidji, Lead Educator at the Chopra Center

'Listeners are left feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and revitalized. The world is more pleasant.' - Awareness Magazine

'Damien Rose takes a holistic approach to his craft. He communes with his bowls and embraces their resonance in his soundworlds. As Liquid Bells, he has created Singing Bowls to share his visions and passions with listeners. It is a sublime and rich journey. Damien uses several unique variations to create his diverse atmosphere. He uses different types of strikers and violin bows in several combinations of keys and notes. The natural properties of the bowls take the session to higher heights and deeper depths. The purity is high. The intensity is vibrant. (WOW! It happened again! It is almost impossible to write while listening to singing bowls—quartz or Tibetan. The overtones are just too strong, especially in the hands of a master like Damien. I found myself floating away from pen and paper as I listened. I was outside myself watching me. It was quizzical and almost comical. I had to stop and allow the overtones to take me. The psychoactive properties were amazing. They entered my cerebral cortex and caressed me with love and warmth. I was awash with a sense of peace and serenity. It was exhilarating!) All too soon the music stops and the journey ends—for now. Listeners are left feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and revitalized. The world is more pleasant. This is another essential from a vital performer. It is recommended highly.' - Jim Brenholts, Awareness Magazine, Sept./Oct. 2009

Category: Music, Savasana, Yoga

Type: CD

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