Ganesh Mala - Carnelian, Spider Agate, Bodhi Seeds, Lotus Seeds & Faceted Agate

108 Prayer Beads mala with Carnelian, Spider Agate, Bodhi Seeds, Lotus Seeds & Faceted Agate.

Ganesh is the remover of obstacles and it is good to chant to Ganesh at the beginning of new projects. Carnelian is the stone of confidence and action, and helps to ground you in right action in the world.

Malas have been used for centuries to count one's breath and/or prayers during meditation. When one absentmindedly touches the mala throughout the day, it is a reminder to come back to the breath, to be aware, to be here now. The mala dangles into eyesight, another awakening, another gentle nudge into mindfulness.

  • Ganesh is the Remover of Obstacles
  • Gemstones include Carnelian, Lotus Seed, Bodhi Seed, Faceted Agate
  • 108 beads are the traditional numbers of chants or prayers repetition
  • Beautiful and Handmade!

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