Flower of Life & Chakra Healing Stones Pendant - Sterling Silver

Flower of Life & Chakra Healing Stones Sacred Geometry Pendant finely Crafted in Sterling Silver.

This beautiful 1.25" Flower of Life Pendant represents the ancient Sacred Geometry symbol. It has many New Age and Pagan meanings, and it is used for meditation. It is the ‘perfect form,’ representing space and time.

  • 7 Chakras Flower of Life Design in Sterling Silver
  • Wear to Resonate with Sacred Geometry and 7 Chakras
  • High Quality Sterling Silver with Fine Workmanship
  • Chakra stones: Root (Red), Pelvic (Orange), Solar Plexus (Yellow), Heart (Green), Throat (Blue); Third Eye (Brown/Purple) and Crown (Violet)

Category: Pendants, Sacred Jewelry, Silver

Type: Pendant

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