Deva Lounge

Deva Lounge by Deva Premal

Deva Lounge is a lush, downtempo immersion into devotional song, featuring the sacred chant of Deva Premal with Tibetan and Sanskrit mantras remixed with downtempo beats for yoga music, massage and spa music..

Nine inspired gurus of groove apply their remix alchemy to Deva Premal’s sacred Tibetan and Indian mantras. The result: blessing-infused chant with future-forward downtempo beats.

Deva Lounge is a fresh new soundscape for yoga, massage, the spa … or a little slow dancing with the Beloved.

Featured remix artists on Deva Lounge include: Cheb i Sabbah, EarthRise SoundSystem, Shaman’s Dream, Praful & DJ Kareem Raihani, Bhakti Brothers featuring MC Yogi, Sean Dinsmore, Desert Dwellers, Tierro and RajRishi.

Deva Lounge is being released by Sounds True in partnership with White Swan Records.

Note: Previously released in digital-only format by White Swan Records as DevaSonic: Deva Premal Remix Project (Vol. 1: Yoga Beats and Vol. 2: Buddha Beats).

1.) Guru Rinpoche Mantra (EarthRise SoundSystem Remix) -7:22
2.) Om Mani Padme Hum (TIERRO Remix) -6:37
3.) Gate Gate (The Rishi Earthmother Remix) -7:19
4.) Om Tare Tuttare (Red Fulka Remix by Praful & DJ Kareem Raihani) -4:51
5.) Teyata (Shaman's Dream Remix) -7:27
6.) Hari Om Shiva Om (Cheb i Sabbah's Desi Remix) -6:15
7.) Om Namah Shivaya (Bhakti Brothers Remix feat. MC Yogi) -5:52
8.) Om Triambakam (Sean Dinsmore's OMwise version) -5:57
9.) Jai Radha Madhav (Desert Dwellers Remix) -7:30

Category: Chill, Dance, Music, Yoga

Type: CD

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