Dakini Lounge

Dakini Lounge by Prem Joshua

For Dakini Lounge, Indian music innovator Prem Joshua puts his world fusion rhythms in the able hands of top DJ scientists for this remixed Indian fusion music featuring sitar for yoga, dance.

Here, an eclectic collection of cutting edge mixologists including Karsh Kale, Sean Dinsmore (The Dum Dum Project), Joi and Dharma Dogz (of Waterbone) shed new light on Joshua’s signature sound, translating his East-West alchemies into stunning dub, chill and dance floor masterworks.

Prem Joshua has come a long way from the 18-year-old German rocker, mind blown by a Ravi Shankar performance, answering a mysterious call from a faraway place. While spending the better part of 20 years in India (where he has sold well over 50,000 records), Joshua has developed a unique musical style employing sitar, Indian flutes, saxophone, electronica and tarana-style singing that artfully—and skillfully—bridges the gap between traditional Eastern sounds and Western jazz forms, prompting the Times of India to dub him “the new guru of East-West fusion music.”

Dakini Lounge marks the next logical progression in Prem Joshua’s storied career. Placing the master musician’s songs in the able hands of these modern day studio mavens presents new interpretations and directions for the many listeners already in love with Prem Joshua’s music while introducing him to an ever wider audience.

"...as completely danceable as anything you've ever heard...highly recommended." --All Music Guide

1.) Bolo Hari (The Blue God Comes to Town) (Niraj Chag) -4:09
2.) Himalaya Trance (Cosmic Rocker) -9:02
3.) Mangalam (Chillums at Dawn Remix) (Sean Dinsmore) -5:59
4.) Dakini (Monsoon Remix) (Aram Ram) -6:06
5.) Secret Place (Karsh Kale) -5:39
6.) Shiva Moon (Moon Nectar Remix) (Prem Joshua & Maneesh de Moor) -8:14
7.) Sky Kisses Earth (Sean Dinsmore) -5:04
8.) Water Down the Ganges (Joi On the Ganges Remix) (Joi) -7:04
9.) Bolo Hari (Instant Pudding Mix) (Dharma Dogz) -8:06
10.) Lahore Connection (Toires) -6:55

Category: Chill, Dance, Music, Yoga

Type: CD

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