Breath of Voavah

By Prem Joshua

Inspired by Voavah in the Baa Atoll UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, this 12-track collection captures the soul of one of the world’s most pristine locations. Melodies whisper the secrets of the Indian Ocean while honeyed harmonies trace nature’s subtlest and most sublime features – from the ripple of a fish in the lagoon to a flash of sunlight between swaying palms. Born out of Prem Joshua’s own experiences, this ingenious interpretation of the sights, sensations and spirit of the Maldives will leave you tingling from your ears to your toes.

"The offer to create this exclusive album for Four Seasons Resorts Maldives had a nonnegotiable condition – I was required to visit the islands in person – little did I know then what I was actually in for!

All this seemed very fair, but you might not believe me, initially I did not want to make the trip! The Maldives was then, a perfect match for my prejudices of a mirage of paradise far from the real world. Luckily I agreed and made the trip and I don’t regret a single minute of it! The incredible beauty and purity of nature is overwhelming — but it is rather something unexpected that really touched me deeply – the secret of this place is the people, it is their warmth, liveliness, smiles, laughter, dignity, honesty, kindness and contentment. This is the true gift I received here and these priceless qualities feel much more real than the so-called “real world” out there that seems to have forgotten all these simple secrets! In fact, one wishes to immediately share these human qualities to the whole world! My prejudices were all forgotten, instead my life batteries were completely recharged, my heart and senses had absorbed this slightly better world on a tiny island and I left with a feeling of having met with many new friends.

With this album I want to return exactly these impressions and secrets in the form of contemporary music — the ever-changing colours of the endless sea, from a gentle breeze to a sudden storm, the warm rain on our skin, the night sky, the jungle birds in the trees, and again and again the friendly smiles of the people..." – Prem Joshua

1) A Spoonful of Infinity (9:28)
2) Lalitha - Prelude (0:47)
3) Lalitha (6:07)
4) Voavah Metro Station (6:40)
5) Under the Mangrove Tree (6:26)
6) A Sudden Rain Passing - Prelude (0:41)
7) A Sudden Rain Passing (5:04)
8) Bharata Blues (6:22)
9) Banyan Birds (6:47)
10) Vasundhara - Prelude (1:01)
11) Vasundhara (5:35)
12) James Baba (4:25)

Category: Meditation, Music, Yoga, Yoga Beat

Type: CD

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