• Blue Agate assists with being heard in communication with a flowing and calm energy
  • Kyanite helps to open new pathways or friendships with its high vibration
  • 216 bead mala with 4mm Rudraksha and Kyanite gemstone beads
  • Blue Agate Pendant
  • hanging Length: 20"

The Rudraksha bead is the heart of Aum Rudraksha Designs creations, bringing today’s world the wisdom and power of the ancient sages in the form of contemporary malas. Adorned with rudraksha beads each piece is handcrafted, blessed and designed in Bali. The Rudraksha beads we use are grown on sustainable plantations in South East Asia and are authentic. We check the vibration (power) of our beads, as many have a higher vibration than others and we use the best in our mala jewelry. The Rudraksha bead we mainly use is five mukhi representing lord Shiva. Rudraksha beads are sacred and need to be treated with respect and care. Wash them once in a while to remove dirt and dust. Oil them with coconut or sandalwood oil to preserve them. They will turn darker with your own body oil when wearing them.

Category: Aum Rudraksha Malas

Type: Jai Ho Malas

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