Yoga on Sacred Ground

By Chinmaya Dunster

'Recognizing that each person has their own unique routines for yoga, I have included both music that is invigorating for the more dynamic moments, and relaxing for the stiller ones (and for those who include pranayama and/or a form of meditation in their practice). Secondly, the seven tracks aim to evoke and stimulate the subtle energies of the seven chakras, details of which are given in the sleeve notes for each of the tracks.' - Chinmaya Dunster

"This is heartfelt music infused with the fragrance of joy: the plaintive violin, sarod, guitar and flute stir feelings of gratitude, making yoga practice an offering, a spontaneous celebration. I found myself practicing with more joyousness while listening to the bright sounds and sensuous rhythms of Yoga On Sacred Ground, and my students give it two thumbs up!" - Joseph Robertson

Category: Music, Savasana, Yoga

Type: CD

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