The Hanumen

By the Hanumen, Benjy Wertheimer, John de Kadt, Gaura Vani and more.

The Hanumen CD offers kirtan music and mantra music for yoga and devotion.

Named after Hanuman, a brave monkey warrior devotee featured in the South Asian mystical history Ramayana, The Hanumen transport us to a world of unforgettable music, mystic poetry, world-rhythm, poignant stories, humor, and Mantra Music — a journey to the deepest part of the soul. The Hanumen create a soulful and ecstatic celebration of Naada Yoga (sacred sound and vibration) and Bhakti Yoga (love and devotion in a humble mood of service) with an array of unique instruments from around the globe.

Highly trained in the sacred music of India and Africa, yet rooted in Americana and Western music, the Hanumen perform an original mix of improvisational sounds, song, and story with call-and- response chant in English and Sanskrit. These vibrations awaken the senses to their original spiritual nature — and fill the audience with feelings of eternity, wisdom and joy.

The Hanumen CD was recorded live in Portland, Oregon. Four of us sat in the room and played these songs until they felt right. Most of what you hear is exactly how it went down. This process allowed us to capture the live energy that is so vital to the “Hanumen Experience.”

The Hanumen are Benjy Wertheimer, John de Kadt, Purushartha Dasa and Gaura Vani. These diverse artists present a unique experience of world-music, mystic poetry and mantra chanting - a musical journey to the deepest part of the soul. On the Hanumen CD many other artists shared their talents.

The Hanumen are proud to support (and be supported by) The Call & Response Foundation, a charitable organization whose mission is to bring Mantra Music to one million people by the year 2020. The Call & Response Foundation is a registered nonprofit devoted to serving and expanding the mantra music community by offering the practice of chanting to one million people by 2020. We accomplish our mission by supporting the community of chant artists, by spreading the word about the healing power of chant, and by organizing events to reach all those who can benefit from mantra music, including incarcerated individuals and people with special needs.

Mantra music comes in many forms including kirtan, an ancient Indian practice of call and response chanting that is at the core of bhakti yoga, the yoga of devotion. Chanting has been practiced for thousands of years by diverse cultures and is now undergoing a renaissance in the west. More than just music group chanting is a contemplative practice in the vein of meditation and yoga. It promotes community, peace and conscious living.

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