Simply Beautiful

By Nadama 

Simply Beautiful CD was inspired by the natural beauty of the Hawaiian Islands - the healing ocean, stunning waterfalls, amazing sunsets and of course the singing whales.

Within this music Nadama uses simple, eloquent melodies that ride upon waves of beautiful orchestrations to create a relaxing, heartwarming and soul-stirring experience. The classical style orchestrations include instruments such as piano, flute, oboe, harp and strings.

About his music Nadama says that simplicity is often one of the essential elements of beautiful music and that the space in between the notes is as important as the notes themselves - this space gives the listeners time to connect with their hearts and relax more deeply into their beings.

Recommended uses: Relaxation, Easy Listening, Massage, Healing.

1. Simply Beautiful 5:18
2. Being Love 6:46
3. Fly High 7:29
4. Dreams 7:53
5. Whale Song 8:15
6. Dancing Beauty 6:24
7. Blessings 6:30
8. Healing Prayer 7:44

Category: Instrumental, Meditation, Music, Yoga

Type: CD

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