Sacred Chants of Shakti

By Craig Pruess & Anaradha Paudwal

Sacred Chants of Shakti CD by Craig Pruess & Anaradha Paudwal offers ethereal and celestial Sanskrit mantras and chants for yoga music.

One of India's most beloved and celebrated devotional singers, Anuradha Paudwal, has kindly come to the UK to record with Craig Pruess for this very special album. Sacred Chants of Shakti offers meditative Sanskrit chants from Adi Shankara's 'Saundarya Lahari" devotional verses in praise of the Goddess Shakti, consort of Shiva.

Their first ever collaboration has combined the power of the Sanskrit chanting contained in Sacred Chants of Shiva with spacious elements of Sacred Chants of Devi - 108 Sacred Names of Mother Divine.

Sacred Chants of Shakti includes an 8 page booklet of Sanskrit Devanagri script, a phonetic version and a translation of each verse.

Category: Kirtan & Chanting, Music, Yoga

Type: CD

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