By Wah!

Maa CD is Wah!'s much anticipated follow up to the incredible Love Holding Love.

Sultry grooves, throbbing club beats, a sensuous blend of Sanskrit mantra and English.

On Maa CD Wah! steps up the tempo and ignites the bliss with her band: Matthew Martin Kelly on keyboards, Kalisse Buckingham on flute & vocal percussion, Kirk Margo on guitar, Mike Haziza on beatbox, Christian Teele percussion, Ned Leavitt on kartals and Paul Hollman keyboards, sampling & programming.

1. Invocation
2. Shakti
3. Parashakti
4. Shanti
5. Love Holding Love
6. Jagat Ambe
7. Ganga Ma (Everlasting Love)
8. Stay In the Love
9. Bhakti Da
10. Lalitamba
11. Pahimam
12. Shanti (Radio Mix)
13. Om Sri Matre

Category: Kirtan & Chanting, Music, Yoga

Type: CD

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