Live in Concert (Snatam Kaur) CD/DVD

By Snatam Kaur

Live in Concert CD/DVD with Snatam Kaur is a Sanskrit and Gurmukhi mantra live performance recording.

Recorded in sacred venues across the country, this live CD is a stunning collection of performances from Snatam Kaur's 2006-2007 Celebrate Peace Tour.

Kaur's voice soars to heights that find a home in these spaces. Guitar maestro GuruGanesha Singh, tabla extraordinaire Manish Vyas and clarinet prodigy Ram Dass accompany her joyously.

A DVD that intimately chronicles the band's travels is also included with Live in Concert.

1. Azure Salver 7:01
2. Ong Namo 13:00
3. Ong Sohung 12:16
4. Gobinda Hari 14:16
5. Adi Shakti 9:00
6. Shivohum 10:52
7. Aad Guray Nameh 7:37

Category: Kirtan & Chanting, Music, Yoga

Type: CD

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