Hidden Treasures

By Hans Christian

Hidden Treasures CD offers lush, contemporary instrumental music for relaxation and as yoga music.

Four years in the making, Hidden Treasures is a one hour long work with nine pieces in a contemporary style, featuring abundant cello playing, along with Hans' other unique instruments (sarangi, sitara, nyckelharpa), plus fretless bass, electric guitars, percussion, keyboards & computer programming. It is a sonic and melodious feast and "classic Hans"!

Hans Christian’s versatility as performer, recording artist, and producer for over 25 years has created a legacy of concerts and recordings that have touched people’s hearts around the world. His unmistakable cello playing moves the listener with a haunting beauty, and his use of live looping and various ethnic string instruments expresses a universal musical language that transcends boundaries, cultures, and generations.

A seasoned ‘musician of the heart’, Hans reaches deep into the listeners’ soul to connect with an ancient wisdom that feeds us in a time of turmoil and unsettled energies. His music opens a gateway to healing and balancing.

As a co-founder of the legendary World Music group RASA he has developed a devoted fan base with his virtuosic creativity, and his affiliation with Wisdom University as artist-in-residence has garnered him rare access to the Cathedral in Chartres, France for repeated performance and recording opportunities. Recent noteworthy collaborations include a double CD with Andrew Harvey (Rumi Symphony/Allemande Music, 2011) and award winning Canadian artist Harry Manx (You are the Music of my Silence/Allemande Music, 2012).

A live concert with Hans Christian promises a deep listening experience, with virtuosic playing, heartfelt sharing, and a revelation of spirit and creativity. His recent appearance at the prestigious AMBIcon festival 2013 was received with critical praise and his nationwide solo concerts and appearances with the GuruGanesha Band continue to garner attention and recognition. He has also toured in 2014 with vocalist Tina Malia.

Category: Instrumental, Meditation, Music, Yoga

Type: CD

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