Golden Spiral

By Dean Evenson & Scott Huckabay with Phil Heaven

Golden Spiral CD offers music perfect for yoga music, sacred dance, relaxation and massage.

A harmonic, free flowing journey that opens the listener to the deeper places in the soul where healing can occur. Atmospheric arrangements, gentle swirls of energy and rolling rhythms make the music perfect for yoga, sacred dance, relaxation and massage. Alpha Frequencies and the Earth Resonance Frequency of 7.83 Hertz are included to enhance brainwave synchronization for deeper relaxation.

Sound healing pioneer and flautist Dean Evenson teams up with trance guitarist Scott Huckabay to create magic in this follow up to their award-winning masterpiece Harmonic Way. After 20 years and over a dozen collaborative albums together, Evenson and Huckabay continue to create tasty musical journeys through their sensitive interplay. They both share a passion for sacred geometry and tune into the divine proportions innate in the music they co-create. Phil Heaven, Soundings of the Planet¹s longtime engineer and Dean Evenson's right hand man adds his sonorous viola stylings.

Category: Instrumental, Meditation, Music, Yoga

Type: CD

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