Chakra Suite

By Steve Halpern

Chakra Suite CD offers New Age Music for Chakra Healing, massage and relaxation.

Chakra Suite is the expanded incarnation of the classic CD Spectrum Suite, Steven's award-winning recording which was recently named 'the most influential New Age healing recording of all time.'

This landmark recording resonates each chakra with the corresponding keynote of sound which entrains your body, mind and spirit to a higher order of coherence and overall well-being. The luminous tones of the electric piano and ethereal harmonies spiral up your spine to the top of your head, making it ideal for relaxation or meditation.

Each keynote of Chakra Suite adds swirling harmonics and overtones that I believe deliver an extraordinary psycho-acoustic effect. Listen with headphones and you will notice that the intricate interweavings of atmospheric essences take on a 3-dimensional presence. They seem to tickle and energize the 'inner ear' as well as the outer ones.

Category: Instrumental, Meditation, Music, Yoga

Type: CD

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