Savasana 3 Natural Beauty

By Wah!

The latest meditative music from the Queen of Savasana! Wah! creates twelve tracks to reflect coherent energy found in nature. Musically and spiritually soothing, all of Wah! Savasana CDs are used worldwide for yoga, meditation, relaxation and personal transformation.

From the Cover of Savasana 3 Natural Beauty:
The sun is setting… grasshoppers, birds and butterflies find their nests… dusk begins with a serenade of crickets… You offer a prayer into Nature… for peace and protection… The Moon gently rises in all her glory, shimmering blessings to all the sentient beings… Underneath the moon, a flower blossoms… the fragrance finds you in the gentle wind. The mountains revel in the darkness and mist, and send sweet reverence into the valley… You look up and see the stars… twinkling reminders of our own Universe… you dream… you sleep… A ray of sunlight sparkles through the trees… misting rain slowly sets in… the wind calls to you gently… creatures and plants in the forest open to new life… the ocean, earth and sky offer you their blessings…

Category: Meditation, Music, Savasana, Yoga

Type: CD

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